Infinity (Finalist)

INFINITI - Curved Vision

The main purpose of contest was create idea of performance for opening INFINITI showrooms. Link 1, Link 2

INFINITI - Curved Vision

Describing video

Hugo Season's Greetings (Winner)

Hugo Season's Greetings

The main goal of the contest was to create holiday design pack for HUGO perfume.

Hugo BSAC (Winner)

HUGO Berlin Stencil Art Challenge

The main purpose of contest was to create stencil design for HUGO Street Art in Berlin."

Race for the Cure (Finalist)

Race for the Cure

The main purpose of contest was to create design of poster for "Race for the cure"

Race for the Cure

Winner selection

LVQR - 90 Anniversary (Shortlisted)

LVQR - THE LAUGHING COW'S 90th Anniversary

The main purpose of contest: to create design and submit a powerful image promoting the brand, to be edited as silkscreen posters, t-shirts, bags. Link 1, Link 2

Stop AIDS (Finalist)


The main objective of the contest was to combine football and safe sex.
Translation:"There are so many amazing games ahead, incredible goals, unforgettable victories. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to see this."

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