Pencil Man

Pencil Man Concept

I just would like to let pencil be your friend;) This concept is prototype, how pencil looks with face. I hope this project will be realized. Designboom post is here.

Bench "Clean Wave"

Clean Wave Concept

The main idea and goal of the "Clean Wave" concept is the creation of a special benches on the sea sandy coasts. Leaving the sandy beach, I was faced with the fact that the feet in the sand and it makes a certain inconvenience before I put on my shoes. In this concept, I tried to solve this problem. The bench "Clean Wave" includes a section with a shower for legs. This allows you to wash your feet and put on shoes comfortably. The design itself underlines the maritime theme, the bench has the shape of a wave and interacts well with the environment.

Solar Wheelchair

Solar Wheelchair Concept

The main idea and goal of the "Solar Wheelchair" to implement solar battery inside it to use wheelchair during more long period and add extra options.

Solar Bus Stop

Solar Bus Stop Concept

The main idea and goal of the "Solar Bus Stop" to implement solar battery and get extra options.

Lounger "Foot Choice"

Foot Choice

Concept Design of Lounger.

Magnetic Hands

Magnetic Hands

Concept Design of magnetic holder for pen and pencil.

Cooktop Panel "Solar System"

Solar System

Concept Design of Cooktop Panel.

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